Want a Fender Strat for Sparkle Clean?

Fender Stratocaster is well known for its versatility. It is almost the badge of modern music. The question for some serious beginners is which is the best strato for the legendary sparkle clean. Is it true that the higher the price, the better the strato?

To be honest, I have invested too much on the sparkle clean. The good news is there is a combination of guitar and effects which can give you a sparkle clean at a reasonable price.

I hereby recommend you to try the following items:

  • Guitar: Fender Standard Stratocaster (0144600) Made in Mexico

To my ear the Made in Mexico (MIM) Strat is much better in sound than the Made in America (MIA) ones.

  •  Effects: Zoom G3X

The Zoom G3X is battery powered, which is prefered for street performance. It also has a expression pedal which is nessesary for live performance to adjust the output level to mixer in real time.

Remember to feed the output signal directly into the RETURN of your amp in the back.


Posted on September 3, 2014 .