Drum or Pad for a New Learner

For a new drum/percussion learner for live playing, especially in a worship band, what kind of instrument is the best choice ? It really depends on what the genre you will get into. But there are some basic ideas.

A Real Drum Set

PROS: Real feel.

CONS: Noisy; Difficult to Move Around; Need Professional Mic Equipments and Micing Techniques to Sound Good in a Live Performance.

An Electric Drum Set

PROS: Semi-Real feel; Selient Practising; Much Easier to move around; No Micing Techniques or Equipment Needed for Live Performance; More than Enough Sounds of Different Drumsets. 

CONS: Not That Real Like a Drumset to Practise Some Techniques.

An Electric Drum/Percussion Pad

PROS: Super Easy to Move Around; No Micing Techniques or Equipment Needed for Live Performance; More than Enough Sounds of Different Drumsets. 

CONS: Almost No feel Like a Drumset.

I'd like to recommend two innovative product from Roland. Roland V-Drums Portable TD-4KP is a super portable-friendly product, which can be easily folded. The P in TD-4KP is believed to mean Portable. Portability is the most desired feature for those electric drum. Now the dreams come true.

Roland Handsonic Series are the electric percussion pads, which is designed to be played by hand. You can easily get the sounds of congas, bongos, tabla, djembe, cajon, as well as drumsets.

HPD-10 is  a smaller one in this series:

HPD-20 the newest one:

  • Powerful hand percussion instrument for live performance and studio music production
  • 850 ready-to-play sounds include percussion from around the world, melodic instruments, drums, tones for modern electronica beats, and more
  • Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine delivers unparalleled tone quality and expressiveness
  • Import up to 500 of your own WAV sounds via USB flash memory and assign them to pads
  • Deep editing capability allows you to tweak and layer instruments and process tones with three independent multi-effects engines, ambience, and EQ
  • 13 silicone rubber pads provide ultra-sensitive velocity response and a comfortable feel
  • Dynamic pad assignments let you dampen, mute, and tune sounds for authentic performance of acoustic hand percussion like congas and tabla
  • Roll button and Realtime Modify knob; D-BEAM for controlling sounds and effects with hand movements
  • Easily capture performances and ideas with the Quick Rec function and export them as WAV audio files to USB flash memory
  • Inputs for connecting a Roland pad and hi-hat controller (sold separately)
  • USB Computer port for audio/MIDI communication with popular music software, including DAWs and standalone virtual instruments
Posted on September 11, 2014 .